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Staff Directory

Main Office Phone: (239) 334-4544


John Roszell, Director, Ext. 200
Katie Scoville, Associate Director, Ext. 208

Valerie Clark, Program Manager, Ext. 327

Shannon Woosley, Business and Financial Services Manager, Ext. 204
Denisse Figueroa, Administrative Secretary, Ext. 201


Student & Career Services
Christian Zimmerman, Career Specialist, Ext. 225
Susan Gutierrez-Rivera, Receptionist, Ext. 1001

Melissa Medley, Financial Aid Specialist, Ext. 375
Mary Williams, Financial Aid Specialist, Ext. 299
Elaine Petrie, Admissions Specialist, Ext. 374
Bobbi Jo White, Information Specialist, Ext. 325

Christian Zimmerman, Teacher on Assignment, Lee County Post-Secondary Comprehensive Transition Program Coordinator, Ext. 225


Business Office
Lori Capps, Bookkeeper, Ext. 251
Danielle Kirby, Bursar, Ext. 311
Ana Leyton, Bursar, Ext. 314

TBD, Data Management Specialist, Ext. 250

School Equity Coordinator


Technical Support
Tim Cayton, Technical Support Specialist, Ext. 315


Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Liaison
Elaine Petrie, Admissions Specialist, Ext. 374




Architecture & Construction
Layton Childress, Instructor – Electricity, Ext. 353

Louis Garrido, Instructor – Electricity, Ext. 353
Rolando Figueroa, Instructor – Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/ Refrigeration, Ext. 347
Michael Mayes, Instructor – Plumbing, Ext. 336
Ronald Schmitt, Instructor – Carpentry, Ext. 351
Patrick Stott, Instructor – Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/ Refrigeration, Ext. 364


Education & Training
Donna Hernandez, Instructor – Early Childhood Education, Ext. 312
Aruna Singh, Instructional Support – Early Childhood Education, Ext. 298
Ryan White, Instructor – Specialized Career Instruction – Comprehensive, Ext. 225



Zachary Wilson, Instructor – Turbine Generator Maintenance, Inspection and Repair, Ext. 563


Health Sciences
Niesha Crespo, Instructor – Practical Nursing, Ext. 385
MaryAnne Enns, Instructor – Practical Nursing, Ext. 512
Kathy Marcelak, Instructor – Practical Nursing, Ext. 237
Jessica Osborn, Instructor – Nursing Assistant (Articulated), Ext. 328
Nancy Redenius, Department Head – Health Sciences, Ext. 350
Elva Reid, Instructor – Medical Assisting, Ext. 384
Judy Smith, Instructor – Medical Coder/Biller (Online), Ext. 227
Anita Tokie, Instructor – Practical Nursing, IV Therapy, Ext. 316


Hospitality & Tourism
Reynaldo Salinas, Instructor – Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality, Ext. 307

Jack Elias, Instructor – Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality, 239-334-3897 (SWFPSA)

Human Services
Eugene Cope, Instructor – Cosmetology, Ext. 370
Phyllis Hunter, Instructor – Cosmetology, Ext. 355


Information Technology
William Sandifer – .Net Application Development & Programming & Web Application Development & Programming, Ext. 1104


William Bluhm, Instructor – Welding Technology, Ext. 343
Luis Gonzalez, Instructor – Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technician, Ext. 230
Brian Taylor, Instructor – Welding Technology, Ext. 330
Ernest White, Instructor – Biomedical Equipment Repair Technology, Electronic Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Ext. 310


Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Jeff Slack, Instructor – Automotive Collision Technology Technician, Ext. 306
Dan Bristol, Instructor – Automotive Service Technology, Ext. 319
Mike Esterline, Instructor – Marine Service Technologies, Ext. 383
Monte Hamsher, Instructor – Automotive Service Technology, Ext. 381

Edson Hernandez Trujillo, Instructor – Automotive Service Technology, Ext. 381
Todd Robarge, Instructor – Automotive Service Technology, Ext. 309

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