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Florida Law Enforcement Academy


If you like to solve problems, work with others and take charge of difficult situations, this may be the dream job you’re after. The police are dedicated to supporting the law by detecting and arresting criminal activity and by maintaining order, peace and safety.

They work for city or state governments and are given the authority to use special methods and instruments to protect the members of their community. Police officers spend a lot of their time preventing criminals from succeeding; they often work in dangerous and chaotic conditions. For this reason, police officers must be brave, focused and reliable. To be a good police officer, you have to be a team player who takes orders well and sticks to the plan.

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for initial employment as a certified law enforcement officer in the state of Florida. To successfully complete this basic recruit training program, recruits must achieve a passing score on each of the written end-of-course examinations. Recruits must also demonstrate proficiency in the DUI Traffic Stops course and in the high liability courses (vehicle operations, first aid, firearms, and defensive tactics) and participate in the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (CJSTC) Physical Fitness Program. See Rules 11B-35.001 and 11B-35.0024, FAC. (IN028.1.)

For more information, visit the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy’s web site.


770 hours plus 20 hours Written Exams & Review


Visit the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy’s web site.

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