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Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician - Combined

This combined program prepares students to become a state certified fire fighter AND a certified EMT. Graduates will obtain certifications from the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training as well as the Department of Health. Once completed, the graduate will be eligible for employment at most agencies in the State of Florida.

The following table illustrates the program structure:

Course # OCP Course Name Hours
FFP0010 A Fire Fighter I 206
FFP0020 A Fire Fighter II 192
EMS0110 A Emergency Medical Technician 300
    Total Program Hours 698
    Practice & Written Exam & Review 40
    Total Hours 738

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698 hours + 40 hours Practical & Written Exams & Review

The mission of the Fort Myers Fire Academy is:

* To offer the highest quality vocational and technical Firefighting programs
* To train highly competent recruits
* To assist our graduates with employment in the fire service
* To enable certified & employed firefighters to upgrade their job skills for career advancement through advanced and specialized training
* To respond to the educational needs of the citizens, communities, and industries in the Academy’s service area
* To develop into the highest quality fire school in the State of Florida through the implementation of continuous improvements.


  • Bureau of Fire Standards and Training
  • Department of Health


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